About Us

The Maine Association of Professional Soil Scientists (MAPSS) was formed in 1978. The mission of MAPSS is to promote soil science through the exchange of technical, political, and regulatory information that influence and guide the profession of soil science.

Today, MAPSS is comprised of members with interdisciplinary professional backgrounds, in both the private and public sector, including soil consultants, wetland scientists, site evaluators, State and Federal government scientists and regulators, students, and others with an interest in the natural sciences.

The organization's goal is to ensure the success and promote the advancement of the soil science profession. MAPSS strives to provide guidance, education, and training to its members and the public on soil science issues of interest and concern.

Download the PDF file regulating the CODE OF ETHICS for soil scientists and geologists.

Download the PDF file containing the MAPSS BY-LAWS for full descriptions of the organizational structure, membership classes, committee assignments, and rules of governance.